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Did this story really start while crossing the HIMALAYAS?

Turns out, well, um, yeah, it kinda did. Its a little more complicated than that, but not a lot.

Rebellion got started when two buddies, John and Dave, decided to branch out from being criminal defense lawyers after about twenty years. The way they practice law keeps them relatively broke since they still think doing the right thing matters more than just dollars.

in 2012 they had purchased a struggling restaurant and turned it around, Copper Still Kitchen & Bar in Noblesville Indiana, but owning a full service joint just took too much time but they both loved it. They still own it, they still love but they have two full time managers now.

In September 2008 David had the trip of a lifetime set up, riding old motorcycles across the Himalayas with some buddies. The universe had different plans.

In August 2008 David got hit from behind while riding his motorcycle on the highway. A lot of injuries, two weeks in the meant that trip wasn’t going to happen. It took him a couple of months to be able to walk without crutches, but he got over almost all of the injuries. Not going on that trip, not so much.

A couple of years later Dave brought up the idea of the trip to some old Navy buddies while at a squadron reunion. Turns out a few old aircrewman though that a dangerous trip to a faraway land on some old sketchy motorcycles with a high risk of something catastrophic happening sounded like one hell of a good idea. So the planing got underway.

What can this possibly have to do with a thing called Rebellion Doughnuts, well, stay with us, it’ll all make sense in soon.